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Services Provided

bill paying

We will open and sort your bills, invoices, and financial documents. We will review and pay your bills on time and make any necessary bank deposits.

financial reporting

We will generate financial reports to help you monitor income, expense, and net worth and give you peace of mind.

record keeping

We will maintain your financial records on Quicken software and reconcile your bank and credit card accounts. We will create a digital record of important financial documents.

gather tax documents and support

We will track tax deductions and gather documents needed for the preparation of your tax return.

invoice or bill dispute research

We will investigate any invoice, insurance, or account disputes and document the status. We will help you pursue resolution of such items and file health insurance claims as needed.

coordination with other professionals

We will work closely with your attorney, CPA, and CFP to ensure a seamless transfer of information and services.


Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track.
— Natasha Munson


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